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Russia’s Sex Geckos Perish in Space

Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 1:51 | PC News | 0 Comment
by PcWebAdmin

The peripatetic, Earth-orbiting lizards who made headlines in July were dead when their return vessel landed over the weekend. PCMag.com Breaking...

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 1:49 | PC Reviews | 0 Comment
by PcWebAdmin

GoDaddy is an attractive Web hosting service that has incredible customer service, email that's integrated into Microsoft products, and a flexible website building tool, but a few niggles prevent it from being the king of the Web hosting hill. PCMag.com: New Product...

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City of Heroes “spiritual successor” could become an official resurrection

Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 1:46 | PC Games | 0 Comment
by PcWebAdmin

City of Titans, the in-development spiritual successor to the canceled superhero MMO City of Heroes, was a big hit on Kickstarter last year, raising more than double its not-insignificant goal of $ 320,000. But it turns out that a group of superhero stalwarts has even bigger plans for the game: They’ve been in negotiations with NCsoft since early this summer, and there’s now a proposal on the table that could see the game become an official sequel. Nate Downes, the president of...

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